Body Hair Fetish??

topic posted Wed, November 1, 2006 - 11:55 AM by  Xavier
Would anybody like to share as to how their attraction to male body hair began?? Are you yourself hairy/smooth?? When were you first exposed to a male adult with full blown body hair??
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    Well as In was growing up I was one of the few'boys' were were showing body haIir ,so although i lioked it I thought i was different .As i got older and OUT i just preferered hairy men .When I was younger I will not deny nor will I now that a smooth man with a nice phsique is good . Hairy is better. I also never 'bought into' shaving ' for 'body n contour muscle def" .Average, smooth, hairy. the kind of man is what I am about .Not the body , Give me a mind over musclehead anytime
  • Unlike Steve, I was a late bloomer in sprouting the pubes, so when I saw them on the boys in the locker room, it made a deep impression on me.
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      I started getting hairy at about 12 and it keeps getting bushier .
      When I was 21 I dated a 45 year old big bear . He was my first real hairy guy and I've been hooked ever since .
      I used to love sleeping with my head buried in his chest .
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    I transfered to a new high school when I was twelve and a freshman...
    I was the youngest kid in the school and the only one in the freshman class with hair...
    I mean a lot of body hair...Everywhere...
    The other guys in the showers looked at me as if I was a "freak"...
    I think they were envious...
    The gym teacher noticed...
    I didn't feel like I didn't belong anymore...
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    well i cant remember since when but body hair does it for me maybe the feel of it between your fingers or when you rub ap against it
  • My dad was a really hairy guy and was naked all the time around the house so I grew up around a hairy naked guy. I really admired my dad and wanted to be like him. I started getting pubes by age 11 and had a thick bush by 12 and was sprouting hair in my pits and on my belly and chest. I matured young so was one of the hairier dudes in junior high. My dad was proud to see me get hairy like him and to grow a man dick. We had a very open relationship so him seeing my dick was just normal.

    I have always been attracted to real men and for me body hair and facial hair is basic to manhood.
    • Pete,

      The thought of your Dad watching you grow a man dick and grow your body hair is fucking HOT. Bet he was real proud and knew sub cocksuckers like me would be lining up to service you tp relieve then tension between your legs or letting you use their holes for planting your young manseed !
  • The first time I saw a hairy man was in my teen years, my gym teacher was greek and very hairy and I found his hairy legs amazing. I was a late bloomer and did not get hairy until I was in my early 20's
    • I guess for me it started in my childhood.
      My own "Dad" a smooth shaven faced alcoholic child beating CREEP was nothing to look at.
      But I remember being 8 yrs old and seeing TV shows like "The Riflemen" and other westerns with furry faced hiersuite men and ...sitting there starstruck and with a li'l boner in my shorts!
      My first adult sexual experience was with a Man 20 yrs older than myself. It happened on a rock outcrop in the Blue Hills in Massachusetts when I was 13 and he was a "Hairy Bearded Hunk"!
      In Junior high school I started sprouting a chest pelt and by the time I was 16 I was almost as furr covered as I am now. Although I do have a hairy body fetish I also love smooth men with Face Fur. Its the Man without any facial fur at all who turns me off.
  • I've always been into hairy guys, since I was a teenager. But as I've gotten older, I've liked guys to be REALLY hairy. Shoulders, backs, it's all cool.
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    I'm hairy (pretty much everywhere) and have a preference for hairy men, I find it more manly.
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      I think that because it's SUCH a masculine physical attribute, it get's my devoted attention. I was always smooth, but when the hair came on my chest it was gray. (Fuck THAT shit, huh?) To this day, nothing says "sexy grown man" than hair in all of its natural places.
  • I am now 38 and only just started to get some chest hair, I hardly have any in my armpits. Bizarrely, my legs and ass are really hairy, is goes all over my ass cheeks and balls and I also have some hair on my feet. The first really hairy guy I know was my gym teacher. He wore these speedos in swimming lessons that left little to the imagination... When I came out I was really into hairless twinks but for no apparent reason that just gradually changed and now I can't get enough of body hair! I had a guy in the sauna last night who had hair all over his back. Like a dream come true :)
  • I was at a public pool when I was young, 10 or so, and i remember this hot man combing his chest hair, totally turned me on. I wished for my own and wow did I get it.....prayers do get answered, lol
    • Always had body hair myself since puberty age (everywhere exceptin' my back, do btw have a welcome mat). First exposure to an adult MALE as I recall was my own Father as he did enjoy goin' naked in the house (always slept nude). I suppose my age at the time to be approximately 6 to 8ish. As well during summer months' and swimmin' at the amusement park pools couldn't keep my eyes off hairy men or flaccid uncut cocks either!
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    I too remember being hairy at a young age, but more than that, I remember seeing hairy guys and being so turned on. I had a hard time looking away from hairy men in their 30s or 40s even when I was little I loved it so much. And I vividly remember seeing an older guy with a big bush and hairy pubes changing in the locker room when I was swimming one summer as a kid. Never looked back.
    • I had the same experience. There were these father-and-son naked swims at the local Y, and I remember being transfixed by the hairy bodies of my friends' dads. Never looked back, either.
  • As a teen I was totally smooth. I was also a fundie christian. Ironically, one of my first crushes when I started realizing I was gay was on the pictures of Jesus in the Sunday school building. Another was my great uncle, who was a burly, butch, cigar and whisky, Earnest Hemingway sort of guy with a thick mustache. I thought his son, a long haired hippie with a full beard was pretty hot, too. Then there was Freddie Mercury. OMG! My own father did have a hairy chest (which I rarely saw) but no facial hair. I still don't know if my fur fetish came from those first attractions, or if those men caught my attention because I liked fur.
  • I started to grow hair on my chest and balls when I was 13, and by the time I was 16-17 I had hair all over my chest and starting down my back too. I think attractiveness of body hair seems to e common to most men my age, maybe not the very young ones today? I was the envy of many guys at school and i am sue most tried everything they could to get some body hair. I must admit, I do find chest hair attractive myself, but i have had some great guys who were smooth too.

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