topic posted Mon, March 12, 2007 - 2:41 PM by  Ben
Okay guys, I need some good leads on who are the HAIRIEST men in gay porn. The furrier the better...
Also looking for BEST CUMSHOT flicks. Big boner points for references to cum scenes that made you squirt!
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    Bender I am not sure I have THE answer for you but Titan Media has a great deal of hairy hunks I seems in general even the 'major; studios are letting go of the smooth sculptured men! You might also try a 'bear' site Also there are so many variations just doing a search for hairy me might turn someting up for you
  • Blimey there are loads of hairy porn men...

    From the 70s: Bruno, Moose...

    From the 80s: Chad Johnson, Chad Douglas, Les Stine

    From the 90s: Ray Harley, Eduardo, Anthony Gallo, Zak Spears, Hank Hightower, Tom Howard, Hunter Scott, Brett Williams, Eric Evans, Wes Daniels, Gianfranco...

    From the 00s: Lance Gear, Jake Deckard, Jason Branch, Max Stone, Hussein, Ivan Andros, Tom Vaccaro, Mack Kurtis, Daddy Mack, ...

    "Hairy Motherfuckers" (Raw Films) features some real hirsute specimens. I've uploaded a couple of stills ;-)

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